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Greeting aspiring applicants. There are a couple steps when it comes to applying and being accepted into Volatile.

1. Fill out the application best as you can. TIP: Grammar goes a LONG way with applications.
2. Be truthful about everything, I will know if you're lying and that is a big no no. We respect up front and honest players.
3. Stay active! be it in our RaidCall server or posting on the forums. Even when you put an application in an active recruit will be noticed above the rest.

The recruitment process is as follows:

1. Application review
2. Application consideration
3. RaidCall interview (We talk to you in RaidCall about your application if it gets this far.)
4. Final consideration and officer vote. (This can take from 1 to 3 days)
5. Acceptance or Denial. The application will have the final result posted in response on your application topic and edited with Accepted/Denied.

ALL decisions are final and there will be no negotiation.

I know this is strict but we want to be the best. To be the best we must obtain the best.

Good luck to all you future applicants!
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