Asherah Anu replied

229 weeks ago

What you can have: 2 Whms, 2 PLD, 1 BRD, Rest DD.

What you SHOULD have: 1 PLD, 2 WHMS, 5 BRDS.

What you need to do: Start the fight off with the PLD attacking first, and the rest of you after. Once you get his HP to about 80%, hese gonna start casting voices (Dragon and Rams voice). Those are the only 2 things you need to worry about, everything else can be dodged or tanked. When he starts casting a voice, someone, prefer a BRD, needs to use blunt arrow and silence the move. You need to keep a close eye and really watch for it, as to not miss it. It's perfered to set a order of who is using blunt arrow first, that way the other BRDS know who's turn it is. If you have a PLD, PLD has a skill that silences also, so this way can work to if say you go first and then the PLD watches for it next. I prefer BRDS so that PLD can focus on tanking.

Got this off the Official forums.
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