Gath Akiro replied

230 weeks ago

Hello everybody, it has been decided by the officer team that we will NOT be starting any form of mandatory events until September 2nd, 2013. This gives all members NINE days to prepare themselves.
This includes;
Getting your 50, be it your ACN or the newer members, getting your crafting sets ready to craft the One and Two star gear, getting what you need to jump into primals, AV/CC etc.

We will not be hitting The Coil of Behemoth until we are geared and ready, we are in no rush. So other than primals the relic quest will take PRIORITY over it all.

We will be holding NON mandatory events too. This includes helping new members level, gathering for the FC, crafting for the FC, doing primals if we decide or anything really. These WILL be pointed but you will not be penalized for not doing these.

So enjoy your time with Early release and a week of Official release.

Enjoy your time and have fun with us all!

P.S. Calendar is updated ;)
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