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Some of our Loot Rule have changes, please read them fully,

We have also added 2 new formats to read the rules under for ease.

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Points will be given out based on the following:

  • Participation: Showing up on time, 1 point. Staying until the end of our last run, 1 point. Staying for the meeting at the end of the day, 1 point.
  • 8 Man Run: Smaller end-game events will grant you +1 point for doing each run. Your participation points can be added to your points for 8 man zones to determine your points total. 8 man points are not transferable to 24 man zones.
  • 24 Man Run: Larger end-game events will grant you +1 point for doing each run. Your participation points can be added to your points for 24 man zones to determine your points total. 24 man points are not transferable to 8 man zones.

Looting priority is based on your top three class picks:

  • Your #1 class will be your "Need" and 2nd-3rd will be on the "Greed" tier.

REMEMBER, you will need to post your "top three" before you may lot anything! Please read the rules for posting your "top three" before doing so.

When an item drops for your Need:

  • You may lot on said item ONLY if you have the most points out of all other players in the "Need" tier, even if you have less the 25 points.
  • Should you have less than 25 points but are still have the highest number of points in the "Need" tier, you may still lot. However, your points will get set to negative. (i.e. Blazze lots with 20 point, and now has -5 points on the points list.)
  • If you have negative points, you may not lot until you bring them back to at least 0. However, certain circumstances may arise where a "Need" member with negative points can lot on an item if it will greatly benefit the team in the long run. This will still cost said member 25 points. The "Greed" member who would have gotten the item otherwise will then be guaranteed to get the item next time it drops if he so chooses, with the option to spend 25 points on it now, or at time of the subsequent drop. (Warning: if the item drops at a later date and you still wish to have it, you may, however if you are in the negatives, 25 more points will still be removed, putting you even more in the negatives.)
  • In the case that more than one member has the same number of points and both wish to lot, the leader/officer running the event will reward the item to the member with the most "Participation Points".

Greed tiers 2 and 3 may only lot on an item if the following happens:

  • Nobody has positive points in the “Need” tier.
  • Everyone from the “Need” tier passes on the item.

In the case that NONE of the above is met, the item will go “OPEN LOT” for anyone with that job at 50.

REMEMBER, you need to have room in your bag to get items. If an item hits the floor, we will not let you lot anything for two weeks, no matter the number of points you have AND you will still lose the points for the item you lot on. If it should happen a second, you will be charged 50 point, and a third time will cost you 100 points.

Recruits, and Lotting:

  • Players in the Recruit phase may NOT lot until they have 25 points. This will give us a chance to look at your skill level and with luck, keep away loot ninjas. (You will keep all the points you get while in the Recruit phase after becoming a member.)
  • After getting 25 points, you may start to lot, and we will move you into "Member" status. (It should only take 3-4 days before you have the 25 points.)
  • Once you have member status, you will lot under the same rules as the other members and you will get gear from one of our crafters to start doing runs with.
  • When the game first goes into launch, some cases may arise that would let a recruit lot on an item before they have 25 points. This would be, if the item that drops would help a recruit more so than a member. (Remember, the is only at launch.)


  • You know what gear you have on each of your classes, do NOT lot on something just because it is shiny. If you know what you have equipped is better, DO NOT LOT ON IT. Pass to a player that may need it more.
  • Just because an item lists "all classes" as being able to equip an item, dose not mean a WHM should lot on an item that is CLEARLY meant for a tank.
  • After we have a list of items that drop in each zone, a "class tag" will be placed on all items. Each tag will list the classes that may lot on the item.

Concerning Crafters:

We will be setting lot rules for crafting gear AFTER we see what types of gear drop from each zone. Should gear drop for crafting classes before rules are set in place, we will give gear to the crafters that do the most to help out our linkshell.
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The basic structure of the loot Rules is as follows;

1. Each Piece of gear is worth a set amount of points.(25)

1b. New members are required to obtain a total of 25 "recruit points" before they have the right to lot on any gear.

2. Only the #1 Need slot can lot for it being they are in the positives with their points AND has the highest points.

2b. Two people who need the same piece of gear in question will be Determined by who has the most points. Whoever has the most will ultimately get it, but, lose 25 points.

2c. Special Scenarios can arise; See below in Section 2c.

3. The persons that are in the negatives and would benefit the FC better if they obtained it
Will still cost them 25 points.
3b. Special scenarios arise.

4. Closing Statement


As stated in the index of basic rules, each piece of gear has a base amount of points.
This base is 25.


Each new person within the Free Company is put under a "Recruit" rank. This rank
is a "trial" period of sorts. It won't take many runs at all to catch the skill level of
a player for us to deem skillful, or not Volatile material.

In this case, a total of 25 "recruit" points is needed before a Recruit is allowed the
privilege to;

A. Lot
B. Be moved into a "Member" status.

This status gives the person the chance to lot for gear during raids.

Those 25 points earned by the new members are kept.


As aforementioned, only the top 1 for the class that has been dropped will be able to lot
1. That person must have their points in the positive numbers (Zero counts as a positive number)
2. If a person has less than the cost and they still have more points
Then that person is put into the negative numbers (I.E Player has 10, now has -15)
3. Person must then build points back up into the positives before lotting again.


As stated above, when two members are in for a same piece for their number 1;

1. Between the two, the one with the most total points will win the lot, unless the person with the most points wishes to pass on the item. (They have it or want to hold points for another time.)
2. The person who wins the item between the people who want it will lose only 25 points for the cost of the piece

Special scenarios may arise which will be dealt with in this manner

1. If both members have the same amount of points then the leaders will decide on the winner based
on the following;
A. The persons who have the most dedication.
B. The persons who have the better attendance
C. The Persons who show selflessness and helpfulness to others.
In the end, it is the decisions of the leaders on who deserves the gear more.


Those members who are currently in the negatives from an earlier win will have the chance of obtaining Gear in the following cases;

1. That is the only person in the running for the gear
2. That piece being on that person would benefit the FC as a whole
3. There are no objections
A. Officers may deem that piece to be a necessary component for better the person and the FC overall
B. If the person can prove that the piece will be for the benefit of their character
which ultimately leads to the FC being better.
4. The said person in question will still be charged the 25 points putting them further into the negatives should they take the gear.


There is a special scenario and will be dealt with in the following manner;
1. If another member is willing to spend points for their number 2.
A. They will have that gear on lock for the next time it drops in ANY case.
B. They prove how them gaining a piece for their second choice will benefit the FC in a whole
C. In all special cases like this, it is up to the Leaders to decide what action to take.


This is a system that was deemed as a fair system in regards to members obtaining loot through a lot system.
This system is meant to keep the gear going to different people. The person with the most will more than likely be dropped to the bottom of the list and will eventually get to the point to where that said person can get gear again. Keeps points from being monopolized in sort.
Points will be kept if you don't spend them, and if you decide to cash in on a whole days worth of drops for your tier 1 then you deserve it.

This system has its positives and its negatives.

We will revise this system as needed depending on how the loot is in endgame so this is subject to change
Any and all thoughts on this to make it better will be look at with all seriousness.
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